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are you hella tight?

i bet you think you are

we are hella tight
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This is a rating community. Why should you join us?
Because we are HELLA. tight.

I wont say that we are better than any other rating community, becuase that'd be a lie. But we are totally fun and awesome people who want you to join us. So do so, unless of corse, you are totally uncool.

First 8 Applicants get in no matter what.

1. No fighting with the mods.
2. toggle speak is for people who don't know better. Now you do. Don't use it.
3. Be at least 14. If you are younger you'd better be really awesome.
4. to make sure you've read the rules for one of your hobbies put "dressing up as a man and going to bars to get hit on." or if you are a boy "dressing up as a woman and going to bars to get hit on"
5. be active.
6. MEMBERS: give a person the reason why you are not accepting them. Maybe they can use that to become a better person.
7. If you really hate a person who got accepted, make a list of all the things you hate about them and we'll vote on if they can stay or not. (juvinile, but this is to make sure everyone stays nice and awesome)
8. use a cut when posting your application or anything big.
10. you can reapply after a week if you get rejected.


jen akaghostnickels

katie akakrazykatie830

stamp mod
liz aka_forevergone

just copy and paste and fill out

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alphabet soup, anti avril, arazona green tea, artemis fowl, balloons, bayside, being happy, being overly dramatic, black eyeliner, black pens, blowing things up, brand new, bright eyes, brynn!, brynn's tools sweatshirt, burning things, cain and abel, candice, candy, cartoons, charlie brown, chocolate cake, chuckling, complaining, cool stores, cover songs, crayons, cursive, day dreaming, disney, downloading music, drawing, ewan mcgregor, fedoras, food, funny stories, fuse, grandma's cookies, halloween, hanging upside down, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye, hot chocolate, hot hot heat, ice cream, independence day, indiana jones, irony, juice, jurassic park, kicking cats, laughing, making up stories, mark twain, matchbook romance, matchbox twenty, meat, mocking avril, money, moshi moshi, motion city soundtrack, music, mxpx, my hair, my health, my live journal, my room, mysticism, nirvana, omc, online quizzes, phantom planet, photography, pockets, polka dot shoes, polka dots, popcorn, ranting, reading, really cool people, red hot chili peppers, rooney, rufio, sad emo glasses, sad emo music, scottish bagpipes, shoelaces, shopping carts, singing in the shower, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snickering, sniggering, socks, soda foutain suicide, soup, spaghetti-os, spring time, stealth, stories, sugar, sunshine, talking to random people, telescopes, the alphabet, the early november, the edge, the history channel, the movies, the radio, the victom of, thrice, tissues, walking, warm weather, watching things explode, weezer, win mx, writing with black pens, zella mayzell, zorro, , ♪.