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Rock The Mic Like A Vandal :)

<b>Name</b> Christina aka Tina aka Tiner Weiner
<b>Age</b> 14
<b>Location</b> Cheektovegas
<b>Gender</b> Girl.
<b>Describe yourself in 5 words</b> That's really hard to do. :)

<b>Favorite Color</b> pink.
<b>Ten Favorite Bands</b> dead poetic, straylight run, letter kills, brand new, death cab for cutie, the cure, cursive, dashboard confessional, senses fail, the postal service
<b>Two Favorite Books</b> "Speak" and "Aimee"
<b>Five Favorite Movies</b> "Better Off Dead", "Super Troopers", "SLC Punk", "The Breakfast Club", "Pretty In Pink", "Finding Nemo" I think that's 6...whatever.
<b>Favorite Tv Show</b> THE O.C.!!!!!!!!!!
<b>Favorite Animal</b> Turtles
<b>Favorite Food</b> Sushi
<b>Favorite Beverage</b> uhh iced cappuchino <33
<b>favorite types of music</b> screamo, emo, punk rock
<b>Favorite season</b> summer
<b>Favorite style of clothes</b> uhh whatever fits?
<b>Favorite stores you shop at</b> american eagle, abercrombie, aeropostale, delia's, weathervane, rue 21, etc. etc. etc.
<b>Hobbies</b> skateboarding, writing, going to school, talking to friends, shopping, listening to music, etc. etc.

<u>*Your Opinion On: </u>
<b>Drugs</b> I think drugs are stupid, seriously. I don't think I'd ever do drugs.
<b>Alcohol</b> If it's legal, I say go for it. I think there's a purpose for why underage drinking is illegal. It's not that they hate you and don't want you to have fun, your body can't take it. You literally will get sick from it. Hence, the reason why if it's legal, I don't care.
<b>Homosexuality</b> I see nothing wrong with homosexuality. Love is love, no matter who it is.
<b>Religion</b> As long as said person doesn't preach about it.
<b>Abortion</b> I think it's okay in some cases, like if you were raped or something, but even in that situation I wouldn't do it, I'd put the baby up for adoption. I would never get an abortion, though.
<b>Trends</b> Some, actually, are kind of cute, I hate to admit. I wear what I like, I don't care what's in, what's not. If I happen to like it and it's trendy at the time...I don't really care, ha ha.
<b>Life</b> It's what you make it.

<u>*This or that</u>
<b>cold/hot</b> hot
<b>bubble gum/m&ms</b> m&ms
<b>march/june</b> june
<b>cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice cream</b> cotton candy
<b>sandals/sneakers</b> sandals
<b>rollor coaster/water ride</b> roller coaster
<b>4th of july/thanksgiving</b> 4th of July
<b>lip gloss/eye shadow</b> eye shadow
<b>avril/gc(you have to pick one!)</b> eeehhhhh...avril.

<b>Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) </b>

<a href=""><*img src=""></a>
<b>Why should we accepted you</b> Because I'm cool :)
<b>where did you hear about us?</b> Katie, Jen, and Liz ;)
<b>Why do you wanna join this community</b> Becaaauuuse you guys are cool :) A little brown nosing doesn't hurt...right?
<b>Any final words? </b> noooope.
<b>Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome</b>

I don't have any pictures of me, but this is really awesome:


My wonderful artistic abilities :)

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