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Alll you sucka mc's aint got nothin on me...I'm a mathelete...cuz nerd is the word, I'm like j.b 3rd

LocationSanta Cruz, California
Describe yourself in 5 wordsCrazy,Random,Loyal,Sexual,Honest

Favorite ColorMaroon
Ten Favorite BandsRooney,Radiohead,Hanson,Fiona Apple,Elliott Smith,Pixies,Venessa Carlton,Weezer,Jay-Z,Mewithoutyou
Two Favorite BooksHarry Potter and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Five Favorite MoviesDonnie Darko,Fear and Loathing,Pleasantville,Star Wars,I <3 Huckabees, Garden State
Favorite Tv ShowQueer As Folk
Favorite Animalcheetah
Favorite FoodLinguine with clam sauce fools
Favorite BeverageCherry Coke/Rockstars
favorite types of musicPop rock,indie,screamo,and rap
Favorite seasonFall
Favorite style of clothes80's RETRO MEGA STYLE!!!! No, I usually just wear jeans and a random shirt.
Favorite stores you shop atAmerican Eagle, Moon Zoom,Abercrombie and Fitch
HobbiesI spend a lot of time on the computer. You know, like going on myspace and what not. I play bass, it's black. I also like watching movies, especially Harry Potter and watching gay porn. I love gay porn and Queer as Folk. I like reading a lot. I also like reading about dreams. Lucid dreams! I listen to a lot of music. I'm a dancer, so I do ballet,jazz,and hiphop. If not, I go to my boyfriend's house. That's usually pretty key. Slay.

*Your Opinion On:
DrugsPersonal choice. I don't do drugs, never have. People that do drugs don't bother me though, at all.
AlcoholUgh, not too good. I don't really know what to say. I'm not really "for" or "against" it. Things like this don't really make who a person is. You can't judge someone by if they drink or smoke. I personally don't do either, but does it really make a difference?
HomosexualityYES. I have an obsession with gay men. Obsession. I'm also friends with lesbians as well. It's just love. I don't understand how people could be critical against people that just want to love. Love is what life is all about, you can't take that away from people whether its two guys or two girls...its all the same feeling.
ReligionI don't believe in God. I don't really believe in anything. I try to have an open mind about religion though, accepting that anything could happen.
AbortionI'm all for abortions. Women's rights. Whether it was rape or just making a bad decision, women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their body.
TrendsEverybody follows trends. It's hard not to these days. I follow many trends. Clothes, music...if I like something, then I like it, trend or not.
LifeHonestly, everytime I try to think about life in reality I either become really sad,confused, or happy. It's just way to hard to put life into perspective. But hey, it has its ups and downs and its all that we have.

*This or that
cold/hot HOT
bubble gum/m&ms bubble gum!
cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice creamcookie dough icecream
rollor coaster/water riderollor coaster
4th of july/thanksgivingthanksgiving
lip gloss/eye shadowlip glosd
avril/gc(you have to pick one!)gc? what? Avril then..

Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) and
Why should we accepted youBecause I'm a pimp? gea! Das Crip!
Why do you wanna join this community I think its pretty key. I also like the name. And I like one of the mod's jackets.
Any final words? Spiders? Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies? ....harry potter fools!
Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome


later slay bars!

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totally my fave show queer as folk is awesome
i loved all your answer especially the opinion ones
you are very pretty
love the shower shot
i say yes
<<33 rooney
<3 harry potteh
<3 weezer
YOu were talking about MY jacket I KNOW YOU WERE.
were you?
I love your hair.
yes, i was! And yes, Rooney is my favorite band of all time!
yes to the gay guys!

~im the fucking greatest
oh yes you are
you wish you were.

im the greatest fucktard.

okay know you were excepted already cause they arnt gonna reject anyone.
but i just want to say... HANSON ALL THE WAY!

YES! Hanson is sooo good!
ok ur gay u like hanson omg wat a loser eww and no one wants to see u with bunny ears do u think ur hott or sumthin?? well... i like gay guys too but im not obsessed with them wat does ur boyfrend think bout that??? i definately say no
he thinks I'm weird.
whoa brittany, lay off
shut up britt she had good answers. i say yes, even though your accepted add me? <33
of course!