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Name Chezwick
Age 57.5
Location your butt hole
Gender popped out a girl, now a man
Describe yourself in 5 wordsIm a tool, and im awesome. [i also cant count so tuff luck.]

Favorite Color black
Ten Favorite Bands elton john, kenny g, garth brooks, barbra strisand, and patsy cline
Two Favorite Books how come only two books but TEN bands. books are so much better. 1.The perks 2.Cut
Five Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine, Butterfly Effect, Grind, Pirates, Paris Hiltons Sex Tape
Favorite Tv Show jerry springer, uncensored on payperview
Favorite Animal monkey
Favorite Food cheese puffs
Favorite Beverage beer
favorite types of music oldies
Favorite season football
Favorite style of clothes used
Favorite stores you shop at city mission
Hobbies eating and modeling

*Your Opinion On:
Drugs wicked awsome
Alcohol good for the soul
Homosexuality TIGHT
Religion agnostic
Abortion murder. pro life
Trends i think lj is trendy and so are these stupid questions. favorite style? go die.
Life is good.

*This or that
cold/hot cold
bubble gum/m&ms gum
march/june march
cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice cream cotton dough
sandals/sneakers sneakers
rollor coaster/water ride water ride
4th of july/thanksgiving 4th
lip gloss/eye shadow lip gloss
avril/gc(you have to pick one!) avril

Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) no
Why should we accepted you because im a sexy beast
Why do you wanna join this community i dont
Any final words? go suck on a knife
Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome

me before the surgery ^^
after vv

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