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<b>Name</b> katie
<b>Age</b> 14
<b>Location</b> boof a low
<b>Gender</b> femalizzle
<b>Describe yourself in 5 words</b> im so hot you know 

<b>Favorite Color</b> blue
<b>Ten Favorite Bands</b> boxcarracer, story of the year, taking back sunday, yellowcard, switchfoot, hoobastank, new found glory, blink 182, green day, and the post its.
<b>Two Favorite Books</b> what my mother doesnt know, fantastic mr. fox
<b>Five Favorite Movies</b> office space, mean girls, over the edge, uncle buck, the spongebob movie
<b>Favorite Tv Show</b> one tree hill
<b>Favorite Animal</b> pengiun
<b>Favorite Food</b> popsicles
<b>Favorite Beverage</b> water
<b>favorite types of music</b> pop punk, rock
<b>Favorite season</b> summer, spring
<b>Favorite style of clothes</b> whatever i feel like
<b>Favorite stores you shop at</b> american eagle
<b>Hobbies</b> writing, chillin wit my homies

<u>*Your Opinion On: </u>
<b>Drugs</b> fine for medical purposes. bad otherwise
<b>Alcohol</b> fine once in a while. but i dont really like it
<b>Homosexuality</b> hey- if you want to do that then go for it. it doesnt bother me, you only live once. you might as well be happy.
<b>Religion</b> MY GOD IS AN AWSOME GOD! okay i forgot the rest of the words, but that describes it.
<b>Abortion</b> if a girl gets raped, its fine to have an abortion if she cant have the baby but if a girl goes to a party and does like 10 guys its her fault.
<b>Trends</b> nothing lasts forever.
<b>Life</b> could be better. but live it upppppp

<u>*This or that</u>
<b>cold/hot</b> cold
<b>bubble gum/m&ms</b> bubble gum
<b>march/june</b> june
<b>cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice cream</b> cookie dough
<b>sandals/sneakers</b> sandals
<b>rollor coaster/water ride</b> water ride
<b>4th of july/thanksgiving</b> 4th of july. thanksgiving always makes me fat
<b>lip gloss/eye shadow</b> eye shadow
<b>avril/gc(you have to pick one!)</b> gc

<b>Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) </b>
<b>Why should we accepted you</b>
<b>Why do you wanna join this community</b>
<b>Any final words? </b>
<b>Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome</b> you guys know what i look like.

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