Bring Me Down (_forevergone) wrote in its_hella_tight,
Bring Me Down

Name Liz
Age 15
Location in my room
Gender im of the female sex
Describe yourself in 5 words im a totally bitch sometimes

Favorite Color pink
Ten Favorite Bands those ones that everyone loves you know what im talking about
Two Favorite Books i dont read
Five Favorite Movies movies with witty plot lines
Favorite Tv Show the o.c.
Favorite Animal monkey
Favorite Food gum
Favorite Beverage dr pepper
favorite types of music alt rock
Favorite season summer can sleep in and no school
Favorite style of clothes comfortable
Favorite stores you shop at hot topic and others
Hobbies dressing up as a man and going to bars to get hit on

*Your Opinion On:
Drugs they mess you up man
Alcohol who cares if can get it drink up
Homosexuality gay guys kissing even straight guys kissing totally hot
Religion god school as nate would describe it
Abortion if you get pregnant its your choice no one can make for you but there are better options
Trends jen is a conformist
Life life could be better

*This or that
cold/hot cold
bubble gum/m&ms gum
march/june june
cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice cream cookie dough
sandals/sneakers sandals
rollor coaster/water ride roller coaster (haha i spelled it wrong in the application)
4th of july/thanksgiving 4th
lip gloss/eye shadow eye shadow
avril/gc(you have to pick one!) omg avril i love her NOT! i guess gc cuz billy is hot

Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) umm no thanks
Why should we accepted you becuz im mod and it doesnt matter what youthink
Why do you wanna join this community becuz i could bring everything great of myself to this community and it's hella tight
Any final words? carp a diem... seize the carp
Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome
one is good enough
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