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Location here
Gender female
Describe yourself in 5 words im a very cool person

Favorite Color blue
Ten Favorite Bands okay i dont have time for that...sorry...ask me later
Two Favorite BooksPerks of being a wallflower, harry pottah
Five Favorite Movies Grind, Finding Nemo...hmm brain freeze
Favorite Tv Show Lost
Favorite Animal Panda
Favorite Food chicken fingers
Favorite Beverage dr pepper
favorite types of music country all the way baby ;)
Favorite season spring
Favorite style of clothes comfortable anything
Favorite stores you shop at wherever i fidn something cheap

*Your Opinion On:
Drugs yucky!
Alcohol yucky!
Homosexuality do what you gotta do
Religion i dunno
Abortion you should have decided you ddint want a kid before you got yourself pregnant idiots
Trends where what you wanna where and be hella proud
Life it rocks

*This or that
cold/hot cold
bubble gum/m&ms m&ms
march/june march
cookie dough icecream/cotton candy ice cream cookie dough!!
sandals/sneakers sandals
rollor coaster/water ride rollar coaster
4th of july/thanksgiving 4th of july
lip gloss/eye shadow lip gloss
avril/gc(you have to pick one!) gc i guess

Promote us to one community and one livejournal user (Link it) ok :/
Why should we accepted you well you already did im just doing this because jen threatend my life :D
Why do you wanna join this community cuz i was told to
Any final words? ice ice baby
Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 of something totally awesome
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